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The following 5-steps will guide you through the easy steps and costs to have your frame repair completed. Please read though the info carefully and contact us with any further questions or concerns.

We look forward to helping you get your bike back out on the road/trail again.

For an accurate non-binding quote for the repair email us a clear picture of the frame damage.

As a ballpark, most repairs on average cost $350 - $450; chips and scrapes needing paint touch up are $150.

For Frames with multiple repairs we will quote on the complete fix and see where we can consolidate costs.

Step 2
Choose the paint option you wish. Click <Here> for final product photo examples

One Primary colour paint painted - we do not guarantee absolute perfect colour match although we will do our best to match as close as possible so it looks very good. $50
Each additional colour painted (per colour) $50
Original Decal replacement – customer supplies decals and sends with bike frame. We will install. N/C
Original Decal Replacement – we supply decals – Our charge is per decal that we produce and install $100

Step 3
Email us photos and indicate the paint option you have chosen to: info@robertscomposites.com
You will receive a quote within 48hrs. Typical repair time is 3 to 4 weeks. Timeline fluctuates depending on how much in-house work is stacked up. We will give an estimated repair time for the job when you receive your quote on the frame.

We can also do Rush Orders. Specify if you want a rush order when sending pictures. Once satisfied with quote go to step 4.

Step 4
Fill out <Customer Repair Form>. Make sure payment information is filled in. Once we receive the frame, confirm the information and the damage is as per the quote we will process the order and start work. Having all the information complete and accurate on the form will speed up the final repair time.

Step 5
Securely pack up and send us your frame. Put the <Customer Repair Form> in an envelope and tape it to the frame before closing the box. For complete info on packaging and shipping frame see: Shipping information page.

Once your frame is repaired, we will guarantee it will not break in the same area due to workmanship. If by chance any problem does arise and is determined that it is a workmanship problem, the frame will be repaired at no charge.

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