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Roberts developed their repair process and techniques first and foremost out of a need to help and keep the local kids' track racing bikes rideable. Broken bikes – previously only good for the garbage – began showing up back at the track looking like new and riding like new. With the amount of stress on a frame during full out track sprinting, many frames cracked or broke leaving the kids facing a huge replacement cost. That would not do and the Roberts Composites bike repair arm of the business was born. Since then Hundreds of frames with all kinds of damage have come through the shop and been successfully fixed with no noticeable difference at all in the performance – or feel of the bike.

To get your bike fixed up and back in play we have laid out an easy 5 step process.

Our Repair Guide and Costs information leads you through all your degrees of repair costs, paint options, and repair timelines.

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Other information you will find useful is included below. If there are any questions or concerns not covered please contact us by email: info@robertscomposites.com or phone: 604-986-0041

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