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Q – Will the frame be as s strong as before?
A – Yes as strong or stronger. The extra layers of carbon extend out around the damaged area toform a virtually inseparable bond. They become part of the existing carbon and frame structure.

Q – What guarantee do you offer against breakage in the same area?
A – Once your frame is repaired it we will guarantee the frame will not break in the same area due to the workmanship. If by chance any problem did arise and was determined that it was a workmanship problem, the frame will be redone at no charge.

Q – Will it be noticeable where the frame is fixed.
A – All repairs are black when the repair is finished. From there we can do just about anything – It depends on the level of paint and finish work desired.

Q – What is the time Frame to fix a frame?
A – Typically 3 to 4 weeks once it arrives at Roberts.

Q – Do yo do rush orders
A – Yes we do RUSH ORDERS: For a 50% additional charge we will attempt to accommodate rush orders. Contact Roberts at info@robertscomposites.com, Or call 604-986-0041 to confirm the rush order can be accepted and cleared to send to us on Rush order terms. Once the frame arrives at our shop, we will have the work finished and out the door for delivery in 4 business days.

Q – What can we leave on the frame when shipping?
A – You need to completely strip the frame of all parts including the headset and forks (unless of course the forks need fixing).

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