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Need a Light Air Board?

Full on Race Board? ISAF Approved!

Roberts has the weapon for you! Not only are the FormulaR great raceboards, they are also the ultimate light air sailing machines.

Roberts innovated the wide board concept – and we guess it's safe to say we have more experience with wide shapes than any other manufacturer out there – experience reflected in our FormulaR's smooth rocker and powerful outline, making it fast both up and down wind.

Setting our design ahead of the pack is the use of the AVS and our outlines. Our tails are wider generating more leverage over the fin, helping keep the nose down when overpowered. We have dished out the deck to a concave shape to reduce weight and add strength – this also lowers the centre of effort!

Through careful side-by-side testing in a wide range of conditions, we found the perfect balance of rocker outline and vee, making a well balanced board through a wide range of water and wind conditions – and isn't that exactly what you want from a Formula racer?



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