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Flightline – 2011 state-of-the-art kiteboards

Working closely with some of the best kiteboarders in the world, the Flightline series has developed into some of the best designs on the water.

Designed for flat water and choppy conditions. The flight-line flex combined with this fin configuration provides a very stable, yet still very fast ride. The aggressive rocker allows you to ride in overpowered conditions with way more ease.

This is the board of choice for freestyling – the board feels light in the air, and is stable when sticking the biggest landings. Our bomproof construction will deliver years of entertainment.

Construction is without a doubt more advanced than anything out there. Each board's core is made from a solid, very dense polymer-base foam, the outer layers are 2/3 carbon and 1/3 kevlar and s-glass. This all gets bonded together with epoxy resin under heat and pressure. These materials create an incredibly strong board that weighs much less then the run-of-the-mill foam blank, polyester heavy kiteboard...

...we know, our testers take 'em to their limits!



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