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1. Aquire a bike box from the local bike store that you can ship your frame in.

2. Remove all parts from the frame including the forks and headset (unless the forks need fixing) so that absolutely nothing is left on.

3. Completely protect frame areas with plumbing pipe foam tubing (from hardware store). The more the better. We recommend you put rear dropout chainstay supports and fork supports in when sending forks. Bike shops typically have some as they come with new bikes. They are plastic rods that act like an axle. This will protect those areas from collapsing if force is put on them. All the protective material will be reused to send frame back.

4. Pack tightly in box to allow minimal movement.

5. On outside of bike box, Clearly write your senders address on the top right corner and the ship to address to Roberts Composites located at the top of the Customer Repair Form (link). This form will need to be completely filled out so if you need further information on this form go to: Repair and Costs Guide.

6. VERY IMPORTANT – Enclose the envelope with the filled out Roberts Customer Repair Form (link) in the box taped to the bike frame. Tape box up well,

7. Contact courier company – Purolator is good, UPS and Fed Ex good also although may be a bit more expensive depending on area. Canpar and Greyhound are worth calling for price also.
International customers – make sure to write "This Iem is Being Sent for Repair"

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