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Roberts Slalom = speed, control and a smooth ride

Is your mission to go extremely fast? Then how would you like to go even faster with total confidence, total control, not only in a straight line but into and out of the turns too?

With years of R+D into this board, Roberts has created a board that rides over the nastiest chop like it is floating on air. This smooth ride is a result of the Roberts rocker line. If the rocker is too flat, the board will tend to stick - too much rocker and the board will fly out of control. We found the sweet spot - not only does this board ride ultra-smoothly, it'll never fly off the water!

Sailing our slalom rocket is amazing! Feedback from our customers tell us that it's so easy to sail, that they don't realize how fast they're going until they blaze past their buddies and blow them out of the water! It's a great feeling to go that fast - and an even greater feeling laying into a turn confident that the board will stick through the jibe - effortlessly.

At Roberts, we can build them light for all-out racers, or build them strong for jumping - in any size you need!


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