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Wave Board & Bump & Jump Boards

Rob has spent a lot of time and effort refining his wave and bump & jump shapes with some very hot pro riders like Dale Cooke from the Gorge. The next time you order a board from Roberts, you'll enjoy industry-leading shapes in sleek Bump & Jump or wider Maui Wave concepts.

What's the difference between bump & jump
and wave boards?

Generally speaking, a bump & jump board has a flatter tail rocker than a Wave board. This allows the bump & jump to accelerate onto a plane much earlier than a wave board. Some sailors like the flatter rocker for the additional speed it gives you for hitting ramps, especially in tighter waves like the Gorge. The flatter rocker also tends to make the board a bit stiffer in the turns, so longer high speed turns are a bit more comfortable. We find bigger sailors tend to like the flatter rocker because it gets them onto a plane sooner and glides them through the lulls better.

The more bottom rocker you shape into a board, the turnier it becomes and the better it will ride a wave or the backside of chop. However, the drawback is that the board will not plane up as early making this only a suitable shape for lighter sailors or heavyweights in nuking winds. Extreme bottom rocker is at home on big side shore waves, but is less effective in standard Bump & Jump conditions – where you are riding more parallel with the waves, not up and down them.

Going custom is an excellent decision for wave boards and bump & jump because people tend to have very specific needs based on size, weight and sailing style. Do yourself a favor and chat with Rob about the kind of adjustments that would get you totally dialed for your local conditions. One phone call is all it takes to realize how much Rob can customize with options like:
• Volume
• Outline
• Thickness
• Footstrap position/width
• Rocker
• Deck dome
• Rail shape



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