Founded in 1989 by Rob Mulder, Roberts Composites (formerly Roberts Sailboards) has broadened his business and pushed the envelope on carbon composite design and functionality. Roberts mission: "If you can think it we can make it, build it right, build it to last and build it to work outstandingly!"

Armed with a unique blend of deep-rooted Dutch craftsmanship and upbringing, combined with a love of sport and challenges, founder Rob Mulder opened the doors to Roberts Composites. He saw the endless possibilities and advantages of carbon fiber done right could offer in the sports arena and beyond.

The WINDSURF industry was where initial development and design ideas focused around. Vacuum bagging processes were developed and refined to produce a product with the highest level of durability and maximum strength-to-weight ratio. Boards gained a reputation for their unmatched performance, quality and durability. Roberts became known for its imaginative risk taking design ideas and was a leader in creating the short, wide race board movement. Today, Roberts is still manufacturing some of the fastest boards out there and developing some of the best new shapes for racing and wave sailing to be found on the planet.

Roberts soon realized the wealth of experience working effectively with carbon fiber was transferable to other applications:

The SAILING world came knocking on the door for high-end carbon rudders, refined hull work and mast repair to name a few. For more info...

The BIKING community also found Roberts knowledge invaluable. We supply reliable trustworthy Carbon bike frame repair for anything from touch-ups and cracks to full blown tube breaks. That favorite bike can work like new again at a reasonable cost. For more info...

ADAPTIVE SPORT, and more specifically the wheelchair and sit ski racers, came searching for better, faster race chairs and left with body-molded aerodynamic race machines like no other. For more info...

Other projects that move through the shop are: Car and motorbike farings, surfski design and repair, flying machine kite boards as well as movie industry projects tested our company's imagination and we delivered with innovative cost saving solutions. For more info...

Roberts composites continues to grow and evolve with exciting new projects constantly in development. From the early beginnings to today Roberts stands 100% behind its work and products. Everyone at Roberts loves to see happy customers ripping out there on "made by Roberts products".

Live Large!

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